Advice for businesses posting on MVVG's Facebook group

The good news is that we're OK with you posting on MVVG's Facebook group. This lets you reach an audience of 10,000+ local, active and engaged vegans/vegetarians – for free! 

But there are some rules. The rules help ensure your posts are effective and also protect the group. 

Your business can post to MVVG if it ticks BOTH the following boxes. 
  1. It's based in Greater Manchester and/or its environs if yours is a local business or event people can travel to – although online-only businesses that post must be within Greater Manchester. 
  2. Your business or concern must be vegan or vegetarian in nature, or offer a service to them. A cafe, for example, or a shop. Maybe a vegan fitness coach or beautician. But we don't allow franchise sellers like Arbonne, Tropic, and others. You might run an omnivore food outlet but offer vegan/veggie options. OK, we'll let that through – but you need to be showing a genuine effort to support the vegan/veggie community or cause. 
  1. Post early. All posts to MVVG are reviewed by humans before being allowed onto the group. This creates a backlog. At worst this can be 24 hours. So, don't post a special offer for Tuesday... On Tuesday. Post it on Monday. 
  2. Don't post more than once per week. People will get annoyed if you flood the group with posts. Even once a week might be too much but it's down to your own judgement. 
  3. Mention where you are based in your post (e.g. "We are based in Cheadle.") Even if you're based online and don't have a bricks and mortar outlet. As moderators, we CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH. It's vital. 
  4. Please don't use a robo-posting tool like Hootsuite. Create a personal post for our group. It will work MUCH better for you. How do we know if you're using something like Hootsuite? Your post contains a stupid number of #hashtags #annoying #personaltouch #dontannoypeople. 
  5. Don't astroturf. In other words, don't try and trick everybody by hiding the fact you're actually advertising your business. An example is making a post with a link to your product with no comment, as if you're just an ordinary person making a recommendation. This is dishonest.
  6. Don't post images or descriptions of meat products. Examples might include a menu listing meat dishes, or photography of meat products. 
  7. Be careful around stereotypes and gender assumptions. This is a minor quibble but we've had vegan fitness coaches targeting women following Christmas, or targeting them for "holiday bodies". Hmm... We're not sure if we're comfortable with that.
Above all, the very best rule is just to respect the group and its members. Don't try to trick us. Be honest. In our modern cynical world, people will respect you for this. If you tick the boxes above then you're good to post on MVVG.