Frequently Asked Questions

Note that we refer to "Manchester" on this website and within the title of MVVG as being in the sense of the county of Greater Manchester, and not just the county borough named Manchester. 


Q. I want to find somewhere to live with veggies or vegans in Manchester!
A. The best plan is to join the MVVG mailing list and Facebook group, and post your request there. Vegans might also consider joining Manchester Vegan Society (MVS)'s mailing list and Facebook group.

If you're already spending time in Manchester then the noticeboard outside Unicorn in Chorlton is good for house-share ads. The noticeboard is outside the entrance. Additionally, the noticeboard in Eighth Day is pretty good, although is in a student part of town. Their noticeboard is in the corridor downstairs leading to the toilets and disabled lift.

Depending on your ethics and beliefs you might also look for veggie and vegan house shares on the noticeboard of the Buddhist centre on Turner Street, in central Manchester. You may have to ask at their reception desk to see this, which is located near the kitchen area.

Q. Where can I eat veggie or vegan in Manchester?
A. See our list of veggie and vegan eateries. Note that, unlike certain sites and lists, the MVVG list contains only places that have exclusively veggie or vegan kitchens. There are many regular omnivore restaurants in the Northern Quarter of Manchester that have vegan options.

Q. Where can I buy veggie or vegan groceries in Manchester?
A. See our list of veggie and vegan groceries.

Q. Is there anywhere to buy veggie/vegan shoes in Manchester?
A. Sadly there's no longer any dedicated veggie/vegan shoe shops. The best opportunity is to wait until a vegan fair comes around and shop there, or simply shop online at places like Ethical Wares, Vegetarian Shoes, Freerangers, and others (just Google "vegetarian shoes"). 

Q. Where can I buy vegan birthday cakes in Manchester?
A. Try any of the following (note that some of these places also make standard egg/dairy-based cakes -- be sure to ask for details when enquiring, and always enquire first before making a journey):

Non-local/Mail order:
Do you run a vegan bakery, or a bakery prepared to make vegan cakes, that you'd like to see listed here? Let us know

Q. Do you know anywhere that does veggie/vegan catering for parties/functions?
Try the following (always check first before making a journey):
Do you run a place you'd like to see listed here? Let us know

Q. Where can I get veggie/vegan tattoos locally? 
A: Try the following (always check first before making a journey):
Do you run a place you'd like to see listed here? Let us know

Q. How can I learn when there are vegan festivals or fairs on locally?
A. We don't list such things on this site. Please join the MVVG mailing list and Facebook group, where details are usually posted whenever they're discovered by our members/posted by organisers.


Q. How is MVVG run?
A. Loosely, and by several people who volunteer their time and efforts. We'd love you to get involved! For example, we're always looking for people help organise events like walks or restaurant visits – if you've any ideas then just let us know.

Q. I run a veggie/vegan business. Are you going to slam the door in my face?
A. No! Well, not unless you're doing something unethical! We're always interested to hear from businesses in the area that might benefit vegetarians and vegans. Facebook postings to our group are just fine provided (a) you don't spam the group repeatedly (once a week is fine!) and (b) you don't "astroturf", which is where an individual pretends to be unconnected to a business or cause in order to promote it. Several times in the past we've helped pass feedback to manufacturers about new products, via tasting sessions held at our social events. 

Q. Does MVVG get involved in activism related to animal rights? 
A. The group contains people who are veggie and vegan for all kinds of reasons and we try to be as broad and supportive as possible. That said, Manchester Animal Action (see our Other Nearby Groups page) is perhaps the best choice for those interested in activism. 

Q. Are there any rules for the email list or Facebook group?
A.  See here

Q. How long has MVVG been in existence?
A. See this page