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Rules for MVVG Facebook page

MVVG is one of the most popular local veggie/vegan community Facebook groups in the UK. This is because the volunteer moderators limit posts to those members want to see.

ALL POSTS ARE MODERATED – held in a queue for human review before they go live! 

What can you post? Well, the rules are really simple: you can post about veggie/vegan topics or issues provided it has a link to Greater Manchester or its environs. 

  • Questions, queries or requests for help relating to vegetarianism and veganism in Greater Manchester (e.g. "Where can I get a vegan tattoo?"). This includes questions from people visiting the area. 
  • Vegan or vegetarian finds in Greater Manchester (e.g. "I found this really great place selling vegan shoes!").
  • Warnings about veggie/vegan issues relating to Greater Manchester (e.g. "I ordered a vegan burger from this cafe but they gave me beef!")
  • Events or causes relating to vegetarianism or veganism AND that are taking place in Greater Manchester or its environs.
  • Ads from businesses* or other concerns directly relating to vegetarianism or veganism in Greater Manchester (but each business should limit itself to one post per week). See the rules here
  • The posts of Mancunian bloggers or YouTubers about vegetarianism or veganism in Greater Manchester 
  • General discussion amongst Mancunians interested in vegetarianism or veganism, including recipe sharing.
  • House or flatshare requests or advertisements for veggie/vegan households/communities in the Greater Manchester area. 
  • Job ads for veggie/vegan opportunities in Greater Manchester or its environs. 
  • Selling or giving away veggie/vegan stuff on a casual basis: For example, selling your vegan Doc Martens because you no longer need them. However, moderators will use their discretion.
  • Missing pet notices for the Greater Manchester area.
  • Affiliate links: e.g. to oat milk delivery services. See bottom for our stance on businesses posting.
  • Trolls. We get a lot of these, unfortunately... People who have issues with strangers doing things they don't like. Odd. 
  • Empty posts like "Hi" or "Good morning". We love people being friendly! But empty posts like this clog up our busy Facebook feed, and are often used by bots and trolls to test a group's moderation policies.
  • Hate speech including posts that labour gender/racial stereotypes. This doesn't always fall into the category of trolling. Some people just have questionable outlooks on life that bleed into otherwise well-meaning posts to the group. 
  • TV researchers looking for participants
  • Posts to promote affiliate schemes, or posts shared in order to try and win prizes
  • National/international events, causes or businesses (including cafes/restaurants).
  • General issues/events/news relating to Greater Manchester. 
  • Global/national environmental issues
  • Unrelated religious posts (even if "veggie/vegan friendly", such as Buddhism)
  • Pictures, videos or descriptions of animal abuse, cruelty, suffering or gore – even if it's well intentioned in order to promote an animal rights cause. 
  • Unrelated blog posts/YouTube channels
  • Menus or photos showing meat products. Seriously, we're a veggie/vegan group – many of our members find that disgusting.
  • Franchise resellers such as Tropic or Arbonne.  
  • Pet rehoming or giveaways. Our advice is always to approach sanctuaries or rescue centres for rehoming/finding new pets. They evaluate the individuals for the best outcome for the animal. Don't give away pets to strangers! 
  • Posts advocating illegal actions, including certain kinds of direct action. 
  • Events that are local to a city or town that's just too far away from Greater Manchester—areas within a reasonable travelling distance are typically OK, like Liverpool, Sheffield, Chester etc. but not London, Brighton, Edinburgh etc.

* Our stance on business or commercial interests
We're keen to help businesses or content creators that actively promote and support vegetarianism or veganism in Greater Manchester or its environs. Examples include cafes, restaurants, food or cosmetic manufacturers, fitness coaches, beauticians, YouTubers, bloggers, and more. There are separate rules that you should read.